6. Februar 2020: Aufnahmeprüfungen

Für die SPORT-Schüler/innen des kommenden Schuljahres 2020/21 stand heute Morgen die sportliche Aufnahmeprüfung an:

5. Februar 2020: Konferenz und Fortbildung

Semesterschlusskonferenz für das Wintersemester 2019/20 und im Anschluss eine
Fortbildung bezüglich Gedächtnistraining:

5. Feburar 2020: English/American breakfast

On February 3rd we had breakfast at school. Together with our English teacher Ms. Schöner we prepared typical British food,
such as baked beans and sausages. Many of us ate these baked beans for the first time. Some liked it, some didn’t, but at least
each of us can say they have eaten these beans once. What most of us liked better was toast with peanut butter and jam,
something typical American. 

I think everybody can say that this was a great start into the week. Thanks to Ms. Schöner who organized this.
(Miriam Brodtrager, 5b)